Imagine yourself in a branded Desi Wear to inspire people!

Congratulations on visiting the most unique online boutique that is bound to  meet all your Desi Wear suiting and stitching needs. At ShalwarKameez.Ca, our aim is to empower your personality, boost your looks and polish your appearance by the best branded clothes, superb stitching and finest finishing.

And guess what, you get it all at the lowest price” ever!

Indeed yes. Based in Toronto, Canada, we promise to provide you with one-stop “online suiting & stitching solutions” in Desi Wear; anywhere, everywhere, in the world, any time, all the time!

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What do we do for you?

We’re specialists in suiting & stitching of branded desi wear shalwar kameez for women, men & children.

It’s very simple:

1- You choose it online

2- We stitch it for you

3- You get it in your home!


Are you among the 90%?

Studies & research have shown that more than 90% women fond of Desi Wear choose & buy desi shalwar kameez only when they visit their native country (Pakistan or India).  This not only deprives you of the latest trendy fashion but may also negatively affect your personality, leaving you with a feeling of “missing something really important in your life”.  On the other hand, you also feel “left out” in your family gatherings, events & celebrations when you see your cousins, friends, fellows or relatives being dressed in the latest desi wear that you don’t have yet!

That’s where our promise comes. By choosing our branded desi wear shalwar kameez, you would not have to wait for 2 to 3 years & visit Pakistan or India to get the latest fashion for all seasons & every occasion. All you need to do is choose from our online desi wear boutique, send us your measurement & we will deliver it directly at your doorstep.

And guess what, you won’t even need to leave your bedroom to get this all done.

Yes, it’s that easy!

On top of that, you get unmatchable benefits such as:


The lowest price ever!

It’s our commitment to you that we’ll provide the lowest price on the best branded desi wear shalwar kameez. Remember, there’s no point in buying a suit worth $ 70  at an abnormally high price of $ 150 to 200 $.  Therefore, we “promise” that you will not find any suit on our site that goes in triple figures (every shalwar kameez costs less than 100 USD).

WOW, isn’t amazing?


The highest quality branded desi wear ever!

Quality is something that you would never want to compromise on, right?

That’s why, to give you worry-free purchase and wearing experience, we only provide pure “branded clothes” with a 100% original “brand guarantee”.  You name it & we have it; be it Al-Karam, Gul Ahmed, Firdaus, Sitara, Sapna, Classic,  5 Star, Orient or Junaid Jamshed, we’ve got all kinds of top Desi Wear brands for you!


Absolutely FREE Shipping: WOW!

As an exclusive but “limited time” offer, we promise absolutely free shipping for all of our “customized, made-to-order, stitched” suits. Whether you buy one or more, you pay nothing for shipping. Take advantage of this one-of-its-kind offer before it expires. Indeed, our 100% free shipping offer is matchless and is bound to save you a lot of money & yet you get the best quality desi wear at the lowest price ever!


The finest finishing & superb stitching

Our highly skilled & expert professional desi wear tailors ensure that your suit is stitched in accordance with your own measurements so that it could fit perfectly to enhance your personality & looks. That is our utmost service commitment to the respectable clients like you. That’s why, we say it again and again, you won’t find such branded desi wear with the finest stitch patterns, stylish designs & magnificent colours anywhere else, and that too, on the lowest price ever!